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Get a FREE SHO Bottle!

Get A FREE SHO Bottle By Sending Us A Short Video Review!


We will send you a free bottle in return for a short video of you using and reviewing your SHO Bottle!

Get Started Now With These Simple Steps:

1. Grab a smartphone or tablet that can record video.





2. Record your video review. You can record yourself, or ask family or a friend to record you! Try to keep it under a minute long if you can. To qualify, you must follow the instructions below:

  • Mention our company name SHO in the video
  • Clearly show your face and the bottle
  • Review both the product and your shopping experience you had with us






3. Email us the video to: with the subject line "SHO Bottle Video Review".






4. Receive a free SHO bottle in the colour of your choice! :)




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