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Goldtober 💛

Greetings to you and welcome to our Goldtober!

For the whole month of October 12 lucky people will be surprised to find an additional golden product in their order (almost like a golden ticket..)

And just like Willy Wonka's golden ticket, the prize doesn't just stop there (unfortunately though you won't be invited on a whistle stop tour of our SHO HQ - no inventing rooms or great glass lifts for you guys!) You will however be gifted with a £200 gift card to an online retailer of your choice (obviously you'll be wanting that made out to SHO 😉)

What a perfect way to start the Christmas shopping or just to indulge yourself - it's been a hard couple of years so you definitely deserve it!

But wait... we're not stopping there, there's more - scroll down to find out...

sho reusable

To make things even sweeter, we're offering some amazing discounts you can use to make your order too!

Simply spin the Golden Wheel below, discover your personalised offer and grab your SHO!

Pssst - Yes you can re-spin the wheel 😜

Questions? Check out our FAQ below the spinner!

Golden October ends:



How do I know if I'm a winner?

You will have a Golden product in your order!

How do I claim my gift voucher?

Simply email our customer happiness team via and we'll organise everything for you.

If I win, will I still receive the colour product I originally ordered?

Yes, you will receive everything you ordered alongside an extra Golden product.

If I win, do I get to keep the Golden product?

Yes! You now own a super, super exclusive product (there will only ever be 3 in existence!).

Are there any T&Cs for Golden October?

Yes, please find them here

Exclusive Edition Gold SHO Pacto - Only 3 Available!

Exclusive Edition Gold SHO Calix - Only 3 Available!

Exclusive Edition Gold SHO Original 2.0 - Only 3 Available!

Exclusive Edition Gold SHO Food Flask - Only 3 Available!