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Key Worker Discount Apply 2021

Key Worker Discount



I think we can speak for everyone when we say that by now we had all hoped that life would be back to normal; unfortunately as we know that isn't the case currently and we're still deep in the midst of a crisis. As in previous times of lockdowns, we still want to do a little something to help those on the front line. So we're running a special offer for those who are helping us all through this current unprecedented situation. As we only have limited stock available, please only apply for the discount if you are a key worker (outlined below). The discount is one per key worker, one time use and is valid for 4 months.

Finally, we'd love to say a massive thank you to all our key workers. We're extremely grateful for all of your hard work during these uncertain times.

Stay safe & lots of love,

Team SHO xxx

Apply for the discount here:

Government outline of key workers:


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