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Get a free SHO Bottle!

Want to get your hands on a free Original 2.0 SHO Bottle? All you have to do is send us a video review of your SHO Product following the steps below!

Get started with these simple steps 👇

1. Grab a device that can record video
It doesn't need to be anything fancy, your phone will work well.

2. Record your video review
You can record yourself or ask family and friends to help. Make sure you follow all the rules in the blue box to qualify.

3. Email us the video
Email the video to with the subject line 'SHO Video Review'.

4. Receive a free SHO Bottle

For every video of yours we use you'll get a free Original 2.0 SHO Bottle. We'll get in touch and arrange the delivery with you 😍.



It really is as simple as that!

Check out the examples below from other customers to get some inspiration.



  • Film the video in portrait or square format
  • Make sure the SHO logo is clearly visible on the product
  • Clearly show your face and the product
  • Review both the product and your shopping experience
  • Don't add music or sound effects, only include your voice
  • The video should be 20-60 seconds long
  • Do not overlay text or captions on the video




If you want to take it to the next level, here are 4 tips from our social media team for how to create the perfect video!


  • Find a quiet moment to film so that no sounds can be heard in the background.
  • Let out your inner influencer and include short clips showing the product in action, or unboxing the product, as well as you talking to the camera.
  • Film your review during the day for even better lighting!
  • Make sure you say SHO correctly! It's pronounced 'show'.


1. How do I send the video?

You can send us your video review via email. Just send it to with the subject line 'SHO Video Review. You can send the file as an attachment or send it using wetransfer if the video is too big to attach.

2. How will I receive my bottle?

If you've followed all the rules (see above) and we use your video we will get in touch to arrange the delivery of your bottle :)

3. What products can I review?

We accept video reviews for all our products! If you've ordered more than one product you can film individual review videos for each product (that'll give you more chances to get a free bottle) or film a group review video.

4. What bottle will I receive?

Providing you have followed all the rules and we use your video, you will receive an Original 2.0 SHO Bottle.

5. How will my video be used?

If your video qualifies we may use it on any of our social media channels, so keep an eye out for your face! We may also use the video review on our website, in our adverts or anywhere else to promote our products. By sending us your review video you are agreeing that SH Online Ltd will have full perpetuity rights.